While there is no surefire way to completely erase wrinkles, there are many methods and procedures that will help diminish them and decrease their appearance. One popular method that people turn to is chemical peels. Peels are a great way to erase wrinkles without resorting to plastic surgery, and depending on the depth and intensity of the peel, results can range from subtle to dramatic. Chemical peels employ a variety of peeling agents such as phenol that work by penetrating deeply to remove the top and middle layers of skin. By removing these dead layers of skin, a majority of lines, scars and wrinkles on the face will experience a substantial reduction. It is important to keep your face moisturized after your skin has peeled, in order to maintain your results.

Other people go for a variety of fillers to erase wrinkles, although most of these wrinkle fillers only offer short-term results. Popular fillers include Botox, Juvederm, Restylane and Artefill, which is a newer and more permanent filler. Microdermabrasion is another way to erase wrinkles, and works by sandblasting skin by spraying the dermis with abrasive microscopic crystals. However, several treatments are required for good results, but this method has proved to be effecting with treating scars and pock marks as well. Eating healthy foods is another way to fight the signs of aging. Be sure to check out 6 Yummy Foods That Prevent Wrinkles for a list of foods that will help keep your skin looking younger and more fresh.

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