Acne Scar Treatment Options for You

Acne scarring is an acute problem especially for those who have experienced ugly flare ups of acne in the past. Nearly 80% of all people are affected by acne when they are in their teens and twenties. Though many are left unscathed by acne attacks, some may have life-long scars which can be a constant source of embarrassment. There are many treatment options for treating acne scars ranging from topical skin creams to surgical intervention. Of course the importance of preventive measures can not be undermined especially if you want to avoid a life-long problem.

Preventions is the best way to avoid any future problem with acne. To prevent acne breakouts, it is important to know what causes acne in the first place. One of the easiest ways to prevent acne is to wash your face daily with a mild antibacterial soap and avoid using heavy lotions and creams in areas which are prone to acne.

To hit the right treatment option for acne scars you must know the different classifications of acne scars. You will then know which treatment will suit which type of scars. For instance the ice pick acne scars are sharp and narrow where the skin appears to have been sliced or punctured. Acne scar resurfacing options can not work with such deep scars. Boxcar acne scars on the other hand are round or oval in shape and if they have not penetrated too deeply they can respond to some treatments. Conventional acne scar treatments can not work on rolling scars which are spots just beneath the surface of the skin. These need breaking up the fibrous tissue under the skin.

While there are plenty of acne scar treatment methods , more often, these methods are combined to get the desired results. Dermal fillers is a treatment option where some substances are injected into the scar areas to give the skin a smoother and even look. Fat, bovine and human collagens are some of the substances used in dermal fillers which can not offer a permanent solution and have to be repeated to maintain the results obtained. Deeper acne scars like ice pick and boxcar scars, are usually treated with punch excision. This is a method where the entire scar area is removed and the skin round it is sutured. This method also leaves a scar, which is less noticeable.

Punch excision is used for skin grafting as well. Here in place of suturing the skin together a skin graft is used. Skin from behind the ear is usually the chosen skin. If the color and texture of skin grafting is noticeable after the procedure is complete, it can be rectified using skin resurfacing. Punch elevation is the procedure used for deep boxcar acne scars. Here the scar is removed using a particular tool and then elevating the skin to the level of the normal skin layer and then suturing the skin together. Here there is less risk of color and texture mismatching. It also reduces the visible scars left from punch incision. The method used for breaking the fibrous bands caused under the skin by rolling scars is subcutaneous incision. One of the most popular choices for any skin conditioning or repairing is laser resurfacing. It works by burning the top layer of the skin which is replaced soon by new and healthy skin as it heals with time.

Though there are plenty of ways for treating acne scars prevention is the best way to avoid this problem of scar removal. In case you feel that you need treatment for your acne scars, you must first consult your physician, who will refer you to a dermatologist who will help you with your acne scar treatment. While you are going to choose the best method for your acne scar treatment you must also pay equal attention to its efficacy and the cost involved. Sometimes you might have to choose a combination of therapies like combining punch elevation with laser resurfacing.

These complementary methods could result in minimal scarring caused by surgical intervention. It is important to get professional advice from doctors who are adequately qualified with the right credential. Also important to note is that there are plenty of over the counter products which promise complete acne scar removal. Though these may reduce the ugliness of the scars temporarily, your doctor is the best judge to offer remedial actions when it comes to a permanent solution.

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